Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daytona Memories & more

Our home for the week...Nothing fancy, but a great location and more reasonable than the $45o/night at the Beachside Hilton!

No truck race on Friday night due to rain so we ventured out to a little place called "The Cabbage Patch" in New Smyrna, FL. This is what we saw when we walked in...

We had a great time at this bar even though we were the youngest people in there!

More of the scenery outside "The Cabbage Patch."

We headed back to Daytona and after some great shrimp and prime rib we hit "Boothill Saloon." It was packed because everyone wanted to hear these guys....Big Engine!

Todd and me

Later that night we accidentially (YES, accidentially) crashed a frat party. One of our favorite bars in Daytona had been closed and just rented out to private parties. It looke like it was open, so we went on in to find out that we were the OLDEST people in the bar...but we made friends with this guy...

We did actually go to the racetrack...

Junior's car for the Nationwide race

Danica Patrick's car

Junior walking to his car at the 500

At the Beach...

When I got back home all I could think about was getting my hands on a copy of the new Flea Market Style magazine! I found that one of my favorite stores - Sister's Garden near Kalona - was selling copies. So, Saturday I took a little shopping trip...and this is what I found!
cute little bird's nest

Some vintage beauties...

AND tons of this great vintage trim! The picture above shows the color a lot better - don't know what happened in this pic!

So, I decided to use it on these letters I made awhile back.

Another banner....I think I am a little addicted to sheet music, glitter, etc..
A repurposed lamp shade that I finally finished..

It's a little wrinkled in some spots, but I still love the way it turned out. It will go on etsy in the next few days. Speaking of etsy, mine is finally taking off. I had two sales while I was in Florida and two earlier this week. It's not a lot, but it's a start!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Congratulations, Prior!!! You are the winner of the fun junk!

I must apologize, though! It will not be mailed until next Wednesday! I had a hard time getting not only mylsef ready to leave for Daytona but also getting the boys packed to go to their Grandparents! AND, my 6 year old had a major meltdown right before I left! :( I guess he is going to miss me!

Anyway, shoot me an email with your mailing address and I will get it off to you next Wednesday!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Productive Weekend + GIVEAWAY

I have, for the better part of my life, been searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. After many, many tries over the years, I finally found the perfect recipe. Thank you, I made a batch today for Little Kindergarten man to take for treats tomorrow.
He actually requested chocolate chip cookies. I said "Wouldn't you rather have monster cookies with Valentine M & Ms? You know those are mommy's best cookies." He stood his ground and demanded chocolate chip. I am still not sure why, since I rarely make them because I just never like the way they turn out.

Well, today they turned out wonderful. Life is good.

I was equally as productive in the basement - where I do all my crafting. Yesterday I was able to get a few garlands done. I got a couple on etsy, still have more to add.
Also became quickly addicted to those fabric flowers that JillRuth and Robelyn have had on their fun, so easy, so cute. I had a ton of old satin and lining fabric that my MIL gave me awhile back. Can you believe that I ALMOST threw it away?? It worked great for these little beauties!
Added some of the white ones to this garland...its on etsy!
Now for some fun for all of you....A GIVEAWAY! I have put together various junky finds...

A little piece of yellow ceiling tin, some vintage greeting cards, a Perfect Attendance certificate!
Some sheet music scraps, old checks, a little scoop...
Vintage doorknob, a couple bird cookie cutters, some vintage gold trim...

A couple ads from old magazines...
A few old forks and folding ruler (only unfolds once)...
Now, for what you have to do...First, let me start by saying that the the contest is only open through Wednesday, February 1oth, 10:00 am central time...because I need time to get the prize shipped to the winner on Thursday as I am leaving Thursday evening for this...

Actually, I like the idea of this scenery much better....

Unfortunately, I probably won't get much beach time, especially since it looks like it will only be in the low 60's. (The rest of my time will be spent at the racetrack, stalking Dale Earnhardt, Jr.) However, I am not complaining. It is supposed snow here again (actually, it is snowing RIGHT NOW) tonight, tomorrow, Tuesday...So, I will take the 60's with my flip flops and capris in Daytona over my jeans and UGGs here! Which leads me to what you need to do for the contest. Where would you rather be during these winter months?? For those of you that live in the south, just indulge us and PRETEND that you know what crappy cold is (some of you may know, as parts of the south have been hit this year, too). So, just tell me your dream winter vacation by Wednesday at 10:00 am central time and you could be the lucky winner of some fun junk!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Projects & Mad Men

As always, I start out the weekend with good intentions...but never seem to get as much done as I would like to! There are always those pesky things that HAVE to be done - laundry, vaccuming, paying bills, running the kids allover, etc, etc.

Anyway, I got in a little creative time. I also snapped some pictures of some other junk around my house.

Crown molding shelf above our TV/DVD/wii

Old corn crib door...

This picture makes this wall look a lot bigger than it is and makes the quilt piece look ridiculously small! It does not look this out of proportion in real life!
This is one of my favorite pieces - and this photo does not do it justice. I picked it up at an auction about five years ago for only $10. NO one else seemed interested in it! I believe that 'Red River Special' was a brand of threshers.

Here are a few banner/garlands that I worked on.

The 'S' for Spring!

This is a grouping of vintage jewelry that I bought on ebay back in October. I was going to use it to embellish some banners and other projects. Then I realized that they were still in very good shape and thought that I may just wear the bracelet and necklace. They are so cute! Love em!

Just got this BINGO game on ebay. In great shape - can't wait to use the cards for something!!

A few hearts that I am working on...

Another Spring banner...I took this in the part of my basement that is not lit as well, so the pictures are not as great. I was messing with the buttons - had not glued them on yet! Wasn't sure what I wanted to do!

In my last post I talked about one of my new favorites - American Pickers. I have another new fave. One of my friends turned me onto "Mad Men." I got the first three episodes on DVD from Netflix and watched it Saturday while I was creating. I cannot wait to get the next DVD this week. This show is too much. I love it! The clothes, the attitudes, the smoking (don't really like smoking, but it just cracks me up how they smoke ALL THE TIME!!)...I love anything vintage and I guess that this show is kind of vintage, too. I already mentioned the clothes, but its true - no one dresses like that anymore. SO CLASSY!


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