Friday, April 29, 2011


Yes...there will be lots of jewelry. Someone just emailed and asked about the button necklaces, bottle cap necklaces, etc.

These DID not photo well....sorry! There will be bottle cap, button, alphabet tile, poker chip, and dictionary necklaces. A little of each of these will be represented!!

a few more...

These are the ones that I couldn't get to upload ....

some more boxes ~

Sheet music wreath ~~~

a little faith.........

more Signs of Spring ~ ~

Sorry for the was taking forever to upload these photos for some reason...

These pictures make things look somewhat sparse, but trust me, there is lots of good stuff. I just wanted things more spread out so people could have a better shopping experience. The tent really helped with that!


Check out the old jewelry boxes ~ how sweet!

Fun stuff...dominoes, wooden spools, monopoly money~~

Drying rack ~ hang your hat...or your jewelry...

Doorknobs, doorknobs, doorknobs!!!

Old roller skates~

Cute little jars fit just perfectly in a cheese box ~

Some funky necklaces!!

Black & white.....

Old US map...

More fun stuff -- a whole table full...scrabble tiles, scrabble boards, printers drawers, precious pebbles, fun clothes pins, keys, church fans, etc, etc, etc

LOVE this 'paradise blue' dresser....but, sorry, no handles ~~~ find some of your favorite vintage or new handles and finish it off!




Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just a quick note...

Signs of Spring is shaping up to be amazing...filling the shed AND a tent

There will be some bargains, too!

...will post pictures later tonight!

There will be bubbles and candy for the little ones ~ bring them a long!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


a little of everything in this post...

some embellished ceiling tin ~
upcycled wooden boxes ~ for your potted flowers~

a little songbird ~~

more boxes....

some way fun clothes pins!

the corner of a little map-decoupaged table...couldn't get all of it photographed because my basement is jam-packed right now! (could be on 'Hoarders'!)

some fun little vintage childrens' records ~~

more embellished ceiling tin ~

2 tiered serving dish, covered in sheet music & other shabby items ~

this says it all!

fun keys ~ be creative!

scrabble tiles ~ more creativity!

burlap rosette wreath ~

chicken feeder crock...

There are 2 of these candle holders ~ will be sold in a set....

another box ~

cool vintage make up case and map candle holders...

funky chicken!!!

This Friday....the 29th from 5:00-8:00 pm

and SAturday from 9:00-noon


Hope to see you there!

Monday, April 25, 2011


~~~ Signs of Spring ~~~

Friday, April 29th 5:00-8:00 pm

Saturday, April 30th 9:00 am-noon

depending on the weather this week, you may have to wear your golashes!! That front part of my yard will probably be soaked and a little muddy, but my doors will still be open! :)

I will be posting some preview pics later today and more throughout the week.

Friday, April 15, 2011

we interrupt this 'blogging break'...

I am interrupting this blogging break for a quick announcement....

I am currently booking trunk shows for summer. I have had a few people ask about summer shows, so, yes, I am booking them right now. Let me know if you are interested in hosting one. I will also have a few sales at my home this summer but not sure on dates yet. That all depends on my sons' schedules!

Break over...back 2 work!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a little blogging break...

I will be taking a little break from the blog for the next 7-10 sorry, but I have lots to do to prepare for Signs of Spring. Those of you that plan to attend are in for some great stuff!!

Other things are starting to pile up too ~ laundry, yard work, papers that need to be graded, etc.

See you in another week or so...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bloggers Nite Out?

Even though the response on the Junk Revolution community board was minimal, I am still thinking of doing a little blogger event....Anyone in Iowa or the surrounding states interested? I don't really think that is has to be limited to junk bloggers...any crafty, thrifty, upcycling girls that want to join in would be welcome... I was thinking starting mid-afternoon, going into an evening and then finishing by lunch the following day...any thoughts? I would like some time for just networking, bouncing ideas off each other, maybe shopping at some fun local spots, having a fun dinner....what else??? Please let me know ASAP so that I can start planning...

just three weeks away!

Signs of Spring

Friday, April 29th 5:00-8:00 pm

Saturday, April 30th 9:00 am - noon

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

will junk ever die???

Will junk ever die? Will people stop wanting junk? Is it just a passing fad?

I remember when I was little and my mom decorated with junk...I thought she was crazy. We were the only people I knew that had their TV placed on an old wooden box. Everyone else had an 'entertainment center.' I was kind of embarrased. She also had all kinds of old farm tools hanging on the walls...seriously?

When I got married I wanted everything from Pottery Barn or Pier One. Nothing wrong with these stores, but why did I want something that everyone else in America had?

It was a few years later that I started going to auctions and looked beyond the beautifully stained oak furniture for the chippy, shabby, banged up tables, boxes, and chairs...

What do you think? Is it here to stay???

Would you rather have something mass-produced in your home...or something from an interesting place like this??

holy cow!!!

I had a busy weekend ~~ our school prom AND strep throat!! Great combination, huh?? But, then I looked at my blog last night and couldn't believe it! 119 followers!!!!!oh my gosh!!!! all of you are awesome!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

AND, a special thank you to Tammy from A Primitive Place for mentioning my giveaway on her blog! Good to meet all of you new people. I have some catching up to do...I need to get to everyone's blogs and check them out!

Anyway....the lucky winner is.... Julie, who said: "Love the cute Easter sign, and the zippy pins are great too!!! Thanks for showing your fun creations on your blog....I have blog "stalked" for awhile off of Williamsburg blogs, but now I'm a follower! ;)"

Julie ~ shoot me an email and give me your address and I'll send those goodies your way!

I have a busy week ahead...creating lots of stuff...stay tuned!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

100 followers Giveaway???

I guess the Giveaway isn't working....Still need 4 MORE followers in order for me to giveaway the Easter wall hanging in the previous post. I'll sweeten the deal and add a few zippy pins as comment and become a follower if you aren't a follower already! The Giveaway goes through Sunday night at midnight...


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