Friday, February 25, 2011

My legs are tired!

My legs are TIRED!

It seems they have been everywhere...have you seen them?

Yes, these are my Junk Bonanza 2009. On opening day, Heather Bullard approached me and asked if she could take a picture of me from the waist down. I believe she said something about liking the mix of textures....Who knew?? Who knew it would be on the Junk Bonanza website? It's even the profile photo for Junk Bonanza on Facebook!

a little about the famous ensemble:
Old Navy skirt (which I believe was on clearance for $.95 or something)
old seed sack turned into an apron (courtesy of my mom)
AND, some great used Justin boots via ebay
IF I would have known my legs would be somewhat famous I would have prepared a little more...some tanning, working out, etc.....hilarious!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hey locals! Need your ideas....

I am finally back from the very warm, very sunny south! Florida was beautiful and the races were some of the best I have seen. It was very hard to get on that plane to come home Tuesday.

so, back to reality...

I am working on some more ways to expand The Farmer's Wife...I would like to have my creations sold in locations other than my shed and at trunk shows. Anyone (specifically you local girls) have any ideas? Know of any local gift shops, floral shops, etc that allow artists to sell their creations in their shops? Please drop a comment if you have any ideas!

On another subject - there WILL be a giveaway starting next Monday. I am not sure of the handmade creations that will be given away, but I can tell you that Hobby Lobby gift cards will be given away as well. I will do one giveaway for EVERYONE and then one JUST FOR FOLLOWERS. This means that if you are a follower you will have two chances to win! Each giveaway will consist of one gift card and some handmade stuff!

stay tuned... :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

As I said earlier this year, there would be some changes to The Farmer's already know about the trunk shows. I also want to bring more to this blog. I decided I would add some more of the non-junk projects that I do around the house, with my boys, etc. I am also going to be adding some recipes throughout the coming months.

We did some projects for Valentine's Day over the weekend. It was kind of a nice weekend - Dad left early Saturday morning for Daytona, so it was lots of Mom and the boys time....

First off ~ Valentine Oreo Pops
- Double Stuff Oreos
- White Chocolate Chips or Almond Bark
- Lollipop sticks
- Sprinkles, of course

I used the double boiler to melt the chocolate, but I imagine that you could melt it in the microwave - just be careful not to burn it. The next time I do it I will also freeze the Oreos with the sticks in them for a little while before dipping. I had several fall apart during the process. OR, maybe take the Oreos apart and add a little chocolate and put them back together -- use the chocolate as a glue!

These pops are for my 1st grader's 'surprise treat' for his Valentine party. So, I also wrapped each on in plastic wrap and tied with a ribbon. (didn't get a picture of that as it was about 8:00 last night and I had two grumpy boys to deal with also!)

Flower Pens for the Boys' Teachers
- silk flowers
- florist tape
- ball point ink pens
- tissue paper
- ribbon
- hot glue
I pulled the flowers off their stems and glued them (with a lot of glue) on the tops of the ink pens then just wrapped the green florist tape all the way around the pen.

Then, wrapped them up to look like a real bouquet!
You could also put them in a cute wide- mouth vase, like a flower pot.
I will be leaving on Wednesday for Daytona and will be back next Wednesday with 2 GIVEAWAYS -- one JUST for followers and one for EVERYONE else....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thank You, Lea!!!

Last night's trunk show was amazing!!! I sold lots of great stuff and met some new customers! YEAH!!!!!

Thank you so much to my FIRST hostess, Lea, for having my first trunk show!

I wanted to take pictures, but once again, was too busy and having too much fun to get any pictures taken. I need a photographer, I guess!

I am going to take a little break for awhile...clean my house, make some meals, spend some time with my kids....

and, go here...
toes in the Daytona Beach!
Stay tuned for some for everyone AND one specifically for my, if you aren't a follower, you might want to become one!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lea's Preview #2

Some more photos of items that will be at my first trunk show tonight...

A little bit of love...
Of course, lots of these...a local favorite!!
Some vintage Valentines on a lace ribbon...there will also be lots of 'loose' vintage Valentines for customers to be creative with!

This picture makes this look much larger! It is actually only about 6 inches wide...A little bit of ceiling tin. There will also be a few larger pieces of awesome ceiling tin...

Happy...from an old dictionary page...Kind of hard to see in this photo!

Some more Valentines...
Gottta have FAITH!! These are little canvas squares deoupaged with Bible pages!

Close up...

Deoupaged maps on a bowl...

Closer, inside...

This is a SMALL child's school chair with a page from an old school book on the seat...
There will also be more jewelry,but, unfortunately, it does not photograph I couldn't put it on here!
Can't wait to see how it goes tomorrow!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Lea's Preview #1

JUST A FEW things that will be at my FIRST trunk show on Monday. Thank you, Lea, for hosting the first one!

Again, I will complain about my not-so-great camera and that these are not the greatest sorry!

Some of these items are "in progress"...not quite finished, but I wanted to share a few tonight.... I will post more tomorrow!


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