Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hey locals! Need your ideas....

I am finally back from the very warm, very sunny south! Florida was beautiful and the races were some of the best I have seen. It was very hard to get on that plane to come home Tuesday.

so, back to reality...

I am working on some more ways to expand The Farmer's Wife...I would like to have my creations sold in locations other than my shed and at trunk shows. Anyone (specifically you local girls) have any ideas? Know of any local gift shops, floral shops, etc that allow artists to sell their creations in their shops? Please drop a comment if you have any ideas!

On another subject - there WILL be a giveaway starting next Monday. I am not sure of the handmade creations that will be given away, but I can tell you that Hobby Lobby gift cards will be given away as well. I will do one giveaway for EVERYONE and then one JUST FOR FOLLOWERS. This means that if you are a follower you will have two chances to win! Each giveaway will consist of one gift card and some handmade stuff!

stay tuned... :)

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