Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Changes for 2012

The last three years have been awesome for this little business of mine. Still, every January as I look back on the previous year I try to think of things that I can do to improve upon it even more.

2011 was by far the best. I am still thrilled at the success of Junkin' Around the Christmas Tree. It was amazing! As soon as it was over, I started counting down to this year's event. I can't wait. November is far away, but I am already deep in the planning and creating.

Therefore, I have decided to focus all of my attention on my business at home, my etsy shop, and selling through local retailers. So, starting in 2012, I will not be vending at any junk/craft shows. I have withdrawn my registration for Junk Bonanza and will not be attending that or any other shows. This is not only due to the shift in my business focus, but also due to a much needed shift in my overall focus. My family needs to be number one! My boys are getting bigger and busier! In the past year, they have been involved in baseball, soccer, wrestling, basketball, church, etc, etc....the list goes on.

In addition, my etsy shop will be getting a much needed makeover and inventory boost. I will be working on this behind the scenes and plan to will rollout a new improved shop in early March. Look for it...I will be keeping you updated as well.

Finally, my next sale, Signs of Spring, will be held on Friday, March 23 and Saturday, March 24. Times will be announced later.  I have been working on this since before Christmas and can't wait for this event!
Mark your calendars!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

coming soon....

hey, local ladies.....

I will be unloading a bundle of love at The Pink Doehr later on this 'bundle of love' I mean great stuff for Valentine's Day. I don't usually do a lot for Valentine's Day, but I guess I am feeling the love this year! 

I will also be adding some new spring stuff as well. There will be a regular spot for me at The Pink Doehr thanks to the wonderful owner, Amy Doehrmann.  Love her and love selling my stuff there!

The Pink Doehr is located in Williamsburg, on the south side of the square.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend projects

Some of you that came to Junkin Around the Christmas Tree may remember the several remnants of vintage fabrics, tablecloths, and draperies that I had for sale. A few sold at that sale, but I still had lots left....what to do, what to do.... 

Hoop them up....
Bright, funky spring colors

Bright, sunny yellow...and THAT is green grass! Some of the grass is still green here in Iowa!

Home in all-American colors..

And that's just a little of what is to come this spring...more to come soon!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Workshop/trunk Show Scheduled...

I have my first worskhop/trunks show for 2012 scheduled....we are going to be doing some altered art using all kinds of fun vintage papers and other materials...

Should be lots of fun!!!!

Pallet Love

Look at what my husband brought home last night...
"Can you do anything with this?" he asked...then he told me "there are about 8 more"

They aren't really pallets, but the sides of shipping crates...look how slim they are - and VERY LIGHT WEIGHT!

I have spotted other pallets around the farm, but I don't even ask because I know that he uses them...but these are for me!

WHAT will I do with them???  :)
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

....and back to reality!

I guess I forgot how to blog over the last few weeks. Hope to be back on track again now that the holidays are over. So glad when the season rolls around but almost more glad when it is over...except for the going back to work part!

Anyway, I have been working on some more new things for The Farmer's Wife for 2012...looking forward to sharing them with you in the coming months.

Additionally, I am now booking trunk shows for January and February...please email me or comment here if you are interested in hosting a show.


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