Wednesday, June 30, 2010

some Summer Junk

Just a few photos...I will post more tomorrow. I have been cleaning the shed and setting up all day ~ ready for bed!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I am featured on this blog today! Thank you, Jill and Junk Bonanza staff for doing this! I am sure that all of the Bonanza vendors appreciate the extra PR for our businesses!

Also, I forgot - Elliot & Dusty shoot me a message/email with your mailing address! I want to get that Hobby Lobby gift card sent out to you!

have a great week everyone!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Giveaway Announcement & More Auction Finds

First things first...the gift card are all the bloggers in my son's frog bowl:

And the winner is....
Elliot and Dusty from syd and harper. You have to check out their blog over here. ILOVE IT!! They have some unique stuff on their blog!
Thanks to everyone else that left comments. There will probably be another giveaway coming up soon as I am quickly approaching my 100th post!
I didn't get the giveaway winner posted yesterday because I was at an auction and then had to come home an unload everything and then worked very quickly on a bunch of landscaping since it was supposed to rain last night and is going to rain today. I think that we have had only like 3 dry days in June!

Anyway, here are some of my finds...
These items were thrown in with some other things that I bought but I still think they are great! I am not sure what kind of pan/mold that is. It does not look like a mini loaf pan. The sections are much more rounded. The clock does not work, but I am thinking about giving it a coat of white paint and distressing it anyway. The toaster also does not work, but is just fun to look at!
Way excited about these Christmas ornaments. Can't wait for my November Holiday sale!

Miniature picnic basket, minus the handles...

but... its whats inside that counts!!!

I LOVE this decanter and glass set!!!! I have absolutely no use for it or anywhere to display it but I am keeping it. I just fell in love with it right away. Love the silver bling!

Thought these would look cute in a baby's room - double sided records!

Big box of old ties...can't wait to make more burnt flowers with these!

Old foot handles anymore, but still in great shape

Not sure what that is stuck to the inside of the lid but I was able to get it off with the garden hose!

Little wooden box, perfect for hanging on the wall with some dried flowers in it!

washboards...a few of them need a little work...

another old box...

Beautiful waste basket!

Great little stand..
Baby bassinet painted mint sweet! I think this would be perfect full of red geraniums!

BIG old flag...

A couple of old milk coolers - again, these would look good with some red flowers in them!

More tables!!

The sewing table still has the tape measure printed on it...

Chippy, chippy paint!!

Vibrant quilt top...

Some old seed sacks...

Don't forget - you can see all of this great junk at my
Summer Junk Sale
Saturday, June 3
9:00 - 3:00
I'll also be open the 10, 17, and 24 from 9-noon
Hope to see you there!!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Prior Lives Party

I am linking up to Prior's "Prior Lives" party...Below is the shelf in my dining room. The shelf itself is an old shutter...then I took a quilt top and cut it down the middle and sewed the two pieces together to make one very long piece. I wrapped the quilt around the shelf brackets (brackets - is that what they are? not sure :) And, of course I put all kinds of old stuff on the shelf!
The next item is pretty seasonal, but it is one of my favorite creations. I have made tons of these with all the odd enamel lids that I find. These are definitely some of my best sellers. Look for a few in my booth id you come to Bonanza!

Don't forget about my giveaway in the previous post!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

49 Followers?? and a Giveaway!!!!

A few days ago I was so excited when I opened my blog to see that I had 50 followers, up from just 48 a day before that - yippeee! I was so excited that I thought "Why not a giveway in honor of 50 followers???"

Forward to today when I opened up my blog and found that I had only 49 followers!!!! Someone dumped me over night! :(

Oh well, I will get over it...and you all will help me!

I need you all to participate in my giveway for a $25 gift card to one of the happiest places on earth....

Here's all you need to do: Go to my etsy site, check it out, and then jump back over here and leave a comment about something you saw on there. I have added several new things over the last few weeks - some repurposed, some vintage.......AND, if you are a follower or become a follower you will be entered TWICE!!!! AND, if I get up to 65 followers by Friday at midnight then I will add another prize (not sure what that is yet!) for another winner!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lots of pictures to show and stories to tell...

DH and I went for a drive last Sunday afternoon and ended up at my parents' farm. My dad just happened to be there when we stopped. I don't get over there very often, but when I do I always nose around to see what I can find. I ended up taking home the following items...

These double folding chairs
Not sure what these are...kind of look like galvanized gutters but they are much shorter and wider

An old rusty copula...I will be keeping this and putting in a flower bed somewhere...

the labeling on the copula...

These weren't in the barn but in the "shack" that my dad sells grilled burgers, hot dogs, etc out of at the Kalona Sale Barn. I was given instructions NOT to sell them! I am not and never have been a Pepsi drinker ( Coke all the way), but do love the great color on these.

Dad also asked if I wanted this print...I thought why not??? You never know, someone might really like it!

Next stop: Kalona Sale Barn Horse Sale
For some reason the monthly horse sale also brings in loads of junk! Found a bunch of enameware and boxes!

The best stop of the week: Sharpless Auction in Iowa City
When I saw these on their website I knew that I had to have them but I figured they would go high. I was wrong and got them both! Now, I need to find a place for them. Love the colors!

Awesome galvanized funnel...

More galvanized stuff!!!!

Love this washtub! I think that I am keeping it for myself! There was another one, but not in as good of shape, with a lid. The guy that ended up with it did not want it because several items had been out together and he just wanted the buck saw in the pile. He approached me later and told me that I could have it. UNFORTUNATELY, I didn't have room in the Trailblazer. I don't know why I didn't claim it and then go back and get it today! Duh!
Sharpless can be kind of overwhelming. They work pretty fast and there are usually 4-5 rings going. So, if you want something you really need to pay attention! I usually go alone, I think that I need to take a partner!

Some odd & end croquet stuff and a pink wicker cradle...

A BLACK globe!!!! I have never seen a black on
For the garden...

Not sure what this was FREE, so I couldn't let it go. The guy who got it didn't want it and had seen me looking at it earlier and asked me to take it....Any ideas of what it is???

It opens....AND is heavy!

Not totally sure what these are, either ~ some kind of towels for industrial use?? Does anyone know how old they might be??

LOVE THIS!! Tons of HAND-WRITTEN recipes!!!!!! Someone must have put a lot of work into this!

Some games...

Not a great picture, but a cute little satin baby dress....this and tons of other stuff was found in the bottom of boxes that I bought! That is the best part of auctions ~ sometime you never know what you're going to get!

Interesting embroidered pillowcase...
Chenille blanket...but not sure if it is "old"....anyone know how to tell???

Well, that is all for now...I still have tons of other stuff to show you.
Again, stay tuned... :)


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