Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bible School Boys & ANOTHER successful auction!

Here are my boys right before their Bible School program tonight. Too bad they don't always act as good as they look!!

I went to another auction last night, this one in Iowa City at Sharpless Auctions. They have auctions EVERY Wednesday and items range from boxes of baby food to restaurant equipment to the really good junk that we all love. I went with the intention of hopefully getting some ceiling tin, but I got there a little too late and did not have a chance to really look everything over before bidding...but I did fins some other great stuff...

Here are two tool boxes...

I love the color of this blue one...

I wish this label was a in a little better shape. It says American something...

The only bad part -- it's pretty rusty on the bottom...will have to figure out how to clean that. Any ideas?

This is one of my favorites...might not be able to part with it. It is an ice chest. Love the color!

Look at the inside - still in great shape!

I love this - a little ice pick???

A few more wash tubs...can I get enough? The blue and green tubs are *new* plastic tubs from Target - they weren't supposed to be in the picture!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Flooding in Eastern Iowa & more junk

Last Friday night (6/19), we received almost 5 inches of rain in only 45 minutes. Here are just a few pictures of our farm. Below is the field right below our house that has a creek running through it. As you can see, the creek was out - all over! This WAS my garden! It is just outside of that field ictured above. This is the THIRD year in a row that my garden has flooded, but this is by far the worst! It literally took all of the dirt right out! So far, I have only recovered 3 tomato cages - I suppose the rest are out in the field somewhere!

Another picture of the field and all of the dirt from my garden AND my cute rusty wagon that SHOULD have flowers in it!

Our road to the east of our house...

Another field of ours - to the east of our house...

Our street sign...

Our front yard...and field...and my garden!

The water receded very quickly and luckily, there was no MAJOR damage. We will wait to see if the corn "comes back up." Our basement was soaked - but no standing water, just wet floor. The town south of us had several flooded businesses, but no homes were majorly damaged that I know of. I beleive that we are very lucky. We saw what happened to everyone in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City last year and this is NOTHING compared to that!

BEOFRE the flood, I took some pictures of some more junk... Here is a little blue table - looks like it had a drawer. I need to think of something creative to do with that little opening, or just leave it??

This is some kind of feeder...need to think of something fun to do with this, too.

I LOVE old school chairs! I would like to find enough to outfit my dining room table. Kind of weird, I guess. Maybe because I am a teacher. One thing is for sure - they are STURDY!!

Just realized how bad this pic is, sorry! I picked this up at an auction the other night...paint it?? what color??

LOVE these washtubs! I might have a hard time selling them! I am thinking of filling them with ice and pop for my summer sale!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My patio & Junk Bonanza

Messed around with some stuff onl my patio last week and added some things that did sell ay my spring sale...

this is my favorite - I guess that I am glad that it did not sell!

I found out last Thursday that I will be a vendor at Junk Bonanza in September. I am excited, but also nervous. This will be my first major show! Soooooo, I did some shopping last weekend on my way to Kansas City. Below are some pictures of a place we stopped in Bethany, Missouri and then some pics of some of my great finds!
Look at all these watering/gas cans!!!!!

A Junker's Paradise!

LOVE this old read swing....not for sitting, though! Might look cute hanging in my shed with some product on it...and then hanging in my booth at Junk Bonanza!

This will be hard to part with - the picture does not do the color proper justice! It is an old cupboard - missing one of its wheels, that is why it looks tipsy. With some TLC, it will be oh so cute!

Some more boxes - will probably paint them for my Christmas sale.


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