Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My patio & Junk Bonanza

Messed around with some stuff onl my patio last week and added some things that did sell ay my spring sale...

this is my favorite - I guess that I am glad that it did not sell!

I found out last Thursday that I will be a vendor at Junk Bonanza in September. I am excited, but also nervous. This will be my first major show! Soooooo, I did some shopping last weekend on my way to Kansas City. Below are some pictures of a place we stopped in Bethany, Missouri and then some pics of some of my great finds!
Look at all these watering/gas cans!!!!!

A Junker's Paradise!

LOVE this old read swing....not for sitting, though! Might look cute hanging in my shed with some product on it...and then hanging in my booth at Junk Bonanza!

This will be hard to part with - the picture does not do the color proper justice! It is an old cupboard - missing one of its wheels, that is why it looks tipsy. With some TLC, it will be oh so cute!

Some more boxes - will probably paint them for my Christmas sale.


Ki said...

I am smiling right now. I have pics of the same turg colored trunk from the same place in Bethany. Check it out in one of my upcoming posts! I couldn't fit it in my truck so thought for sure it would be there when I went back in a few weeks! I too was thinking for the Bonanza! We ate at Toot Toot's just down the road when we were there. I guess junk minds think alike! Look forward to meeting you at the Bonanza.

Marge said...

Just popped in from Junk
Revoluiton and have been enjoying your blog. So sorry about your garden. Hope to meet you at the
Bonanza! You already have some great junk!!


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