Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Starting to Do Some Holiday Decorating...

I started to do some holiday decorating over the weekend. I have found this to be harder and harder the last few years. Everything in my home used to be very primitive and now since I have started crafting and collecting the vintage/shabby chic style items, I am having a little trouble combining all of it! Also, I just don't have as much room as I would like - I would love to have several trees! I have one in about every room, but they are not as big as I would like them to be!

Anyway, here are some pictures of what I have gotten done so far. AGAIN, please excuse the bad photography. I am thinking about going to get that new camera TOMORROW! DH will probably not be in the field (unfortunately) and he can go with me to pick out the 'right' one.

I bought several of these bottle brush trees at Target last year! I love 'em! Here I combined one with a Jingle Bells sign that I made. There is a medium-sized piece of ceiling tin to the left.

A shelf in my living room cupboard. I love the old shiny brite ornaments. I have several boxes of them.

Still working on this display...

Saw a board kind of like this at a friend's house and decided to make one for myself - it's in my bathroom...

More bottle brush trees...

Top of the fridge...kind of cut off the Santas on each side!

In the entry way/breezeway. I LOVE the old cardboard houses. This one, unfortunately, is a reproduction. I still LOVE it!

I still have lots to do. These pictures are just the beginning.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

From the weekend...

I was pretty busy over the weeknd preparing for what I guess I will call a "show in a box." I am putting together a bunch of goodies to take to someone's place of work where she can display it and others can buy what they want through cash and carry. She will act as the hostess and get a discount on whatever she wants to buy as well.

This is a Pat Richter print that I have had for years. I used to love Pat Richter, especially when I went through my Longaberger phase. I had 3-4 of her prints in my home. I ALMOST took this print to Goodwill...DUH! I could use the frame!! Almost let it get away from me!!
These other lovelies I did pick up at Goodwill...

And just look at what I have done with some of them!!!

Here are some other projects I completed as well ~
An old box with a new front...

NOT a great picture...darn camera!!! But, I love the combination of the ceiling tin, the old sheet music, Christmas card and the blingy snowflake. I am keeping this!! I think I might experience sheet music overdose soon...I can't seem to get enough of it!
Again, not a good picture. I started making one of those beautiful ornament wreaths that I have seen on all the other blogs. Didn't realize HOW MANY ornaments I would need! This is just a portion of it. I have to head to Hobby Lobby for more ornaments!
Will be posting lots more over the next few weeks. Have tons of stuff going on! I just signed up to do the Parade of Trees in our community and I am also thinking about doing some holiday baking for profit. I guess I just don't have enough to do!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I am a Horrible Blogger & Giveaway Announcement!

I am a horrible Blogger. Never again will I take this long to announce a winner of a giveaway! I am so sorry, but Friday got away from me after my tooth disaster and then the rest of the weekend got away from me as well. I spent most of it in my basement being CRAFTY...I will post evidence of that later.

Thank you to everyone that posted comments and left kind words! It meant a lot to me and I am much more confindent about my blog now!!!

Now....for the winner....
DARCY from dsdailylife!!!!!

Darcy - email me at thefarmerswifeiniowa@yahoo.com to claim your prizes!

Stay tuned......more giveaways to come...... ;-)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Various Upcycled Holiday Projects

Stumbled across this fantastic website yesterday and thought I would participate in her little party. Check it out!! I guess that I don't have photo directions for any of these, but they are pretty simple...

Old poker chips with vinyl lettering (made with my cricut) and clear glitter overlay. They are hard to see in this picture - I need a new camera!
Old tiny frame with scrapbook paper background and a vintage broach with the word "pretty" from a vintage book.

One of my favorite ideas that I found on the internet somewhere last year -- sorry, don't know who to give the credit to! Bend an old tape measure and glue with REALLY strong glue - the kind that REALLY stinks! I think the kind I use is appropriately called 'Cement'

Another favorite - a barn star decopauged with vintage sheet music

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Ok, here's my problems and here's a way that everyone in blogland can help me out!
1) Have some leftover Halloween stuff and need to get rid of it.
2) Have been adding stuff to my etsy site and want to see more traffic over there!
3) Want to see more traffic here!

Soooooo.....here's what YOU can do to help AND possibly win some great stuff!
1) Go over to my etsy site and then come back HERE and leave a comment about something that you saw on there. I added several items today and will hopefully be adding more tomorrow.
2) When you leave a comment you will be entered into a drawing for...

...these vintage checkers with "Trick or Treat" on them. (sorry - not a great pic)
...AND this "Jack 'o' Lid" made from a old enamelware...

....AND these little vintage metal trays that spell out BOO!

The lucky winner will get ALL three of these Halloween items! I know that the holiday has passed, but who doesn't love to get something for FREE!!

You can also get another chance to win if you already ARE a follower or become a follower to this site AND if you refer a friend to leave a comment. When you friend leaves the comment, you can leave a comment too and let me know they they are your friend that you directed to this blog.

WHEW!! Does all that make sense????? Hope so! And I hope the comments start coming!! Who knows? If I get a comment overload I just might have to add more prizes....

Oh! Almost forgot - you can leave your comments until midnight, November 12. I will do the drawing on Friday, the 13th - it will be lucky for someone!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Christmas on my Mind and My 1st Giveaway

Had to do it. Couldn't take it anymore. Been dying to change this background to something for Christmas and tonight I did it! There are so many cute Christmas/Holiday/Winter backgrounds that I will probably change it several times before December 25!

I will be doing my first giveaway in the next week or so. I realized the other day that I have been on here almost a year and have not done one yet. I think that I will be giving away some leftover handmade vintage Halloween pieces. Will let you know more soon...


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