Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a Great First Day of Fresh-Picked Junk!!

I am a little behind on blogging since my computer was sick :-( So, here are more pictures from my sale. A few are from last night when I was getting ready - so they look dark! I was working in the little shed until about ten. My only lights are all of the Christmas lights hanging in there, so I didn't stay beyond that. SOMEDAY, the shed will have POWER!

As I was getting ready (dressed, make up, hair, etc) for the sale today, I had a customer appear at 1:30. My first thought was "oh no, I am not ready!!" but then my customer introduced herself and I was thrilled!! It was JillRuth from the Junk Revolution community!!!! She and her family were passing through on their way home from the vacation in Chicago. It was so great to meet someone from the JR community!!!! I think that we could have talked for hours!! She took my picture, but we should have taken one together!! Hope to see her again sometime!

Later on, I had several customers right at 3:00, and then it was pretty steady until 5.00. It really slowed down until about 7:30 when my husband's aunt and cousins stopped by. All in all, it was a great first day!

LOVE this old rusty wheel barrow and all the old buckets...

School those old books.

Old medicine cabinet with a few old laxative tins!!! :-) The round plastic thing is from an old light fixture that I found in a house hot far from here that someone was tearing down.

Kitchen stuff

Under my vintage 'archway' - more below...

Old tables, quilts, wash tubs...a corn field in the background...!!

I love this picture, but not sure you can really tell that the old doors are hinged together with the porch railing across the top. I have seen this idea on some blogs, in some shops, and at some shows, and I love it. I wish that I was getting married again (to the same man, of course!) and I would used this as archway for us to stand under!!!


Jill said...

Janelle, it was so great to meet you!! I loved your stuff a.k.a junk and especially loved your archway! We had an uneventful rest of our trip back home which was good. Hope the rest of your sale went well and I hope you have a great time at the Junk Bonanza. You've inspired me that maybe I could be a vendor there next year too!

red.neck chic said...

Oh...I would have LOVED to have been at your sale!!! You have some great lookin' "junk" and oh my gosh...I could find ALL kinds of places to put over half of it in my house! heehee

Have a great week!
:) robelyn

Barntiques said...

Hey there neighbor! Found you as I was blog hopping today. Looks like a fun spot. Love all the stuff you have. This is our second year and we are having a sale this saturday, july 25th. We are just 35 miles north of Des Moines and only 8 miles east of Ames. Let us know if you are ever in the area. Hope to come to your spot soon! I put you in my FAVORITES so I can visit you more often!


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