Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some of my Favorite Things...and a GIVEAWAY

Another snow day!! Tomorrow is not looking very good, either! So, I am keeping busy baking, wrapping, working on grad school assignments, and BLOGGING.Since snow days are one of my favorite things about winter I thougt that I would list some of my favorite things about Christmas...

The reason for the season ~

Shopping - especially at these two places ~

Obviously, as a teacher I love having the 'vacation' off of school, but I also LOVE the movie "Christmas Vacation" as well as the Charlie Brown Christmas. I even have a Charlie Brown tree - they are selling them at Younkers stores. Looks just like the tree from the cartoon!

Who can't resist the excitement of these two??? Especially, Ben, my youngest. His birthday is the 22nd, so he is twice as ready for Christmas. He also likes to brag that he and Jesus almost share a birthday.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE candles - anytime of the year! Christmas candles are the best, though. Frosted Cranberry and Spice from Bath & Body Works...Christmas Eve from Yankee...and ANY pine/evergreen candle...I also love TONS and TONS of various-sized white candles in clusters all over the house!

Of course, Christmas cookies...These are not mine. I will be posting pics of those later! I bake just about every day/night in December. Can't get enough!

ALL the cheesey, completely unrealistic Christmas movies on THIS channel...and the Hallmark channel, too!

The Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks. I know that you actually CAN get it year-round, but it just tastes different at Christmas...

AND...the bling, glitter, glitz, shimmer of the holiday!! I love it!!!! Maybe even more since I only have boys and may not ever get to 'glitterfy' a little girl!
Soooooo......speaking of is another one of my banners - all glittered up! It is kind of a Christmas/New Years banner with the word 'CHEERS' on it. Vintage sheet music and scrapbook paper with red/gold/opal glitter, hung with brown organza ribbon. could be yours! Post a comment with at least five of your favorite things about Christmas BY MIDNIGHT, SUNDAY, DEC 13. I will draw from the winners on December 14. Good Luck and


Anonymous said...

How cool!!! How do you think of all the things you create!??!?
5 of My Favorite Things about Christmas:
*Santa!! I just know that it won't be near as much fun to buy and hide the Santa presents...and leave the fireplace door open for Santa to come down the chimney and the kids' reaction to the gifts in the living room and the cookies all gone!
*Decorating with my kids---their own trees in their bedrooms, expecially! Jayden's is BLUE and Camden's is SPORTS!
*Baking---what VERY, VERY little we do!! Our new favorite the kids and I made last year was almond-bark pretzels with LOTS of sprinkles!!
*Break from school---I wouldn't be very honest if I didn't mention that!! It also means that the school year is about half over!!
*Time with families! I'm VERY lucky to have both sets of grandparents alive and well and we still get together with everyone! It's not so much about the gifts so much anymore, but the time together. The last couple of years we played wither Guestures or Catch Phrase with everyone---including my grandparents!!!

Thank you, Janelle, for making me realize how much I TRULY love the Christmas season!!

Jill said...

Wow you are an energetic gal! My five favs:
1. Christmas Mass--it feels so incredibly special
2. Baking, especially gingerbread houses
3. Buying for the kids' stockings, for some reason those gifts are the most fun to buy
4. Seeing family
5. A shopping day with just my husband and myself!

There's more but you said five so I'll stop!

red.neck chic said...

I have to say... you are SO AFTER MY OWN HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched Lifetime and ALL of the movies this week-end while sipping on Starbucks and making my lists out for Target and Hobby Lobby!!! LOLOL

One of my favorite things is finding I'm not alone in this big world!!! ;-)

Your boys are just ADORABLE!!!

;-) Robelyn


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