Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thinking Christmas

I've got Christmas on the brain....Love this old picture!
Sorry for the absence lately...we have had our first round of cold/strep/etc over the the last few weeks! Amazingly, I did not get it...I ALWAYS get it!

There WILL be a post this weekend. I have been painting, gluing, decopauging, sewing...all kinds of stuff this week.

And, don't forget....

Junkin' Around the Christmas Tree
Friday, November 12
Saturday, November 13

1 comment:

Kacie Leah said...

Ooohh I've got Christmas on my mind as well! I keep forgetting Halloween hasn't even passed yet haha!
Love that picture, I want that santa out front!
hope you're having a great week, and ya'll get over all that cold/strep junk and hope you don't get it! Yuuucky!

and by the way...could you please junk around MY Christmas tree?! sounds like a super fun time....sad i can't go =(


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