Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I noticed that I have very few comments for my giveaway...I realize that you may not know what you're going to win...but what do you have to lose???

You must be a follower...Then, comment, and have a chance to win something from the Bonanza...something fun, junky, interesting, Trust me, I won't dissapoint you!

AND, comment over on The Farmer's Wife facebook page, NOT my personal facebook page. I have been having trouble linking it up to my blog - I apologize for that!  Search "The Farmer's Wife" (the one with the chicken profile pic) and comment on there for another chance to win!


Home on the Range Exchange said...

I must have missed the post on the giveaway. I'm game for winning anything,so like you said, "what do you have to loose."

Farmgirl Chaos said...

I commented! I NEED something from the Junk Bonanza. :)


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