Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Sorry ~ I have been absent this week...had a great holiday weekend...then went to auction on Monday and came home with NOTHING! Been busy around the house with a little of this, little of that...finally got the pool cleared up and the boys got in for the first time today!

Anyway, last weekend's sale was AMAZING!!! People were here before 9:00 and I didn't get a break until 10:30...and it was steady all morning. The afternoon was light, but I figured it would be!

I will be open again this Saturday and there is still TONS of great stuff!!!!

Saturday, July 10
9:00 am ~ noon


Prior said...

So glad it well for you! Take time to enjoy the pool. Lezlee

Barntiques said...

I always enjoy your posts. Love that so many of us are alike!


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