Saturday, August 13, 2011

Odds & Ends....

A few of these have been added to my etsy shop...I'll be adding even more next week!

Couple more auction finds...I L.O.V.E. these light blue BINGO cards...cannot wait to use them!!!

A Spirograph!!!!! I had one of these when I was 8 or 9...I loved it! I think I am going to try to show my boys how its done!

A project I started this week...sweater flower pillow...found the idea on another blog (sorry to the blogger I got the idea from, cannot remember who you are!) These are not the greatest pictures. Black can be hard to photograph!

Also ~ Save the Date for HARVEST OF JUNK 2011.....SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24TH

AND, I got this new computer and I need some help...anyone have any idea WHY some of this post is underlined??? I DID NOT do that and cannot figure out how to UNDO it...AND, I also cannot hghilight in my posts - again, anyone that can help me with this???


oh, wait, and I just tried to publish and it won't let me....I have to open this up on my OLD laptop to publish it!!! Seriously!?!?!?!?

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Farmgirl Chaos said...

Howdy! Love the necklaces. I need a little girly one for my niece.

So, the underlining is not because of the's Blogger. {This has happened to me as well. Not sure when things changed that caused that to happen.} When you start a post at the very top, it will sometimes 'link' the text on it's own. So if you are typing and see that the underlining is not because you asked it to, highlight what you just typed, click on 'link', and that should hopefully get rid of it.

As for highlighting, I'm not sure. I haven't done that.

And the not letting you post seems weird. I have blogged from numerous different computers. Sure, sometimes there are issues. I just make sure to save as I go, and eventually it will get posted.

Good luck!


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