Wednesday, October 19, 2011

latest purchases...

I spent last evening at Yoder Auction Service in Frytown, Iowa.  I found lots of little goodies, more of which I will show you later. These two items were pictured on their website, so I just went over there and grabbed the pictures.

I saw this as soon as I got there and immediately moved on, thinking that it would go higher than I wanted to spend...not the case at all! Someday, I hope this can be part of my 'dream home' :). I am in love with it. It needs some love - you know, paint, some sanding, distressing, etc. For now, it will go into storage.
DSC09804.JPG (216541 bytes)

And these plant stands...LOVE the white and green one! Definitely keeping that one. It is small enough to squeeze into my house right now! The other will probably get painted and ruffed up for Junkin' Around the Christmas Tree.
DSC09794.JPG (182706 bytes)

More pics later...I also got the most adorable owl cookie jar...can't wait to show you that!


red.neck chic said...

Good gravy... I'm coming to find your storage room. LOLOL That chest is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

;-D robelyn

JB Knacker said...

Nice auction finds! I've kind of given up on the auctions in my competitive edge is just not there anymore. Have a great week!


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