Sunday, October 4, 2009

Open Again...Harvest of Junk, part 2

Who knew there would be a river running through my front yard for Harvest of Junk???? The rain and cold drove everyone, I will be open again this Friday (Oct 9) from 4:30 until dark. I will not be around at all on Saturday, but if anyone wants to stop on Sunday (Oct 11) I will be around as well - just call ahead first!

Discounts still apply this weekend!!!


The Whistle Stop said...

So sorry... Mother Nature has a way of putting a damper on things sometimes. Hope your next try is a success!

Marge said...

So sorry the rain spoiled your sale. I hope next weekend has nicer weather and brings out a whole lot of shoppers!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that you have a website that does not provide an address or directions for those of us who are from away and might be interested in stopping by. We are staying in Marengo on Fri and Sat but have no idea where to find you. Your loss I guess.

Janelle - The Farmer's Wife said...

To anonymous:

I apologize. If you check your comment to which I responded to earlier asking when I would be open this week you will notice that I gave you my phone number. You certainly would have been welcome to call me and get directions. :-)
As it turns out I SHOULD be home most of the day tomorrow (Sat) if you would like to call.

Janelle - The Farmer's Wife said...

2206 200th St, Marengo

about 6 miles south of Marengo on teh corner of M ave and 200th St

white ranch style house


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