Monday, October 12, 2009

Quiet Weekend & Etsy

It was my birthday on Saturday and I celebrated it by cleaning my house and making freezer casseroles! Doesn't sound like an ideal birthday, but it wasn't bad because my kids were away for the I got a lot done! Then, my DH and I had a movie night and watched '21' and 'Gran Torino.' Loved them both! Also love netflix!!

Now, I am home with a sick boy who isn't really that sick anymore. Crazy how quickly the little ones bounce back! So, I have been listing a few things on etsy. You SHOULD be able to get to my etsy chop by clicking on the link to the left. If not go to and search me.


It' an Evolution said...

Well, it sounds like a low key birthday ... hope you enjoyed your time!
Thank you so much for visiting my blog...I appreciate it...
Enjoying your "junk"...I love it.
Take care

Darcy said...

Janelle- I love your stuff!! I never have time to come out and see you in person, but am interested in a couple of things. Is it possible to place an order over the phone sometime? You can email me or give me a call at my home number. Thanks! Happpy belated birthday - it was a great day, huh?

kenziebr said...

I'm curious what are your favorite freezer casseroles...other than soups, cheesy potatoes, bubble pizza, homemade pizza, taco casserole and chicken enchalidas I don't do much for freezer meals. Would love to hear your ideas.


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