Saturday, November 6, 2010

Green Gifts Fair Preview

I am off to the Green Gifts Fair in Des Moines tomorrow. Here are just a few of the items that I am taking...

Some shabby upcycled frames with sweater backgrounds and blingy snowflakes

Little ceiling tin piece with burlap and blingy reindeer
More frames

Button boxes
My first attempts at these...Anthroplogie inspired? Maybe not just Anthropologie - I have seen them everywhere! All of the necklaces that I used are vintage or thrifted. Most of the fabrics are cut from old clothes or scraps that I had.

Lastly, remember this lady??? Emily? Well, I have been decopauging like crazy the last few weeks and finally got her all "covered." She looked great until...

...until she met 'Poly'....polyuerthane, that is!

I wanted her protected! I plan to use her quite a bit! The poly left some spots, some of which seemed to go away after 24 hours, but some stayed. I guess she still looks ok, actually, she looks great with this necklace.

Looking forward to the Green Gifts Fair tomorrow- if you are in Des Moines, come check it out! Hopefully, I will get lots of pictures and have them on here tomorrow night!


Michelle Hoad said...

LOVE the necklaces. I have some older necklaces that could use an update. That might fit the bill. Wish I was closer, then I could just come by and snag one or two of yours! said...



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